In Grupo Freza we are committed with our customers to offer frozen products with the highest quality, made him with different seasonal fruits.

Our processes are carried out so that we preserve the natural characteristics of our fruits and had allowed us to be present throughout our history in the taste of domestic and foreign customers.

  • Agricultural production

    The cultivation and management of our fruits from the field is carefully thoroughly, making permanent monitoring reviews for them. We currently have a close relationship with our suppliers, which allows us to obtain quality fruit for the manufacturing of our products.

Who we are ?
Grupo Freza are 100% Mexican company that was born in 1998 in the city of Zamora Michoacan and has since been dedicated to the processing and marketing of frozen fruit. We have committed to providing jobs for people in the region and its surroundings, to contribute to the welfare of society.
What we do ?
We have experience processing and marketing a wide variety of frozen based avocado, strawberry and mango products, having the ability to incorporate in our production lines other fruits that our customers requires.
Where we are ?
Our company is located in Zamora de Hidalgo, Michoacan, one of the most lavish for agriculture regions. Its fertile land and its wonderful climate, are the perfect combination for the cultivation and processing of fruits. This location allows us to be in direct contact with farmers, who supply us with fruit suitable for processes according to our production standards and quality.